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Squirrels' Homework


Squirrels' Homework Page  

Hello Squirrels! 

This is the page where you can always find your homework details and information - just in case you missed them in school or can't quite remember everything you need to do. There'll always be spare copies of everything in class too.



Homework Term 5 Week 5

Set: Friday May 17th

To complete by Wednesday May 22nd


Well done on last week's homework! We had some great photos of many of you cooking and even some delicious cakes in class too!

Some of you are getting quite behind with your homework tasks at the moment. Please remember homework counts every week so don't forget to let me know if there's a problem or if you need some extra help or time. 

This week:

Maths Task

Y5: New DoodleMaths Assignment and Green Zone target

Y4: Lots of Times Tables practising to build and boost your confidence! There’s the Multiplication Check 2Do for you on PurpleMash as well as the practising you can do here:

Maths Frame

Research Task

Everyone: As part of next week’s Geography and Maths, please find out 2 things:

  1. What is Fair Trade about?
  2. The favourite chocolate bar of at least 8 people (including you!).



Your regular, weekly Homework Tasks:


1. Doodle Maths: 
Your weekly task is to be in the Green Zone when we check on Wednesday mornings and then to still be there on Friday mornings

As you all know, just doing a little bit every day/most days is all it takes and it’s great for keeping your Maths skills and confidence sharp too! 


2. Reading: 
Remember to read 5 times or more each week and please make sure you get that signed in your Home School Book. There are so many amazing books just waiting for you to find them, Squirrels. You'll love getting caught up in really good stories or facts and, as a bonus, reading lots will help your writing too!
You'll find some great recommendations for your next book on our  Class Page


3. Times Tables Practice: Knowing your tables really well is an essential Maths tool and one that you'll be using a lot! To help you with that, there's Monster Multiplication, 2Race, Tables Toons or the Multiplication Check on Purple Mash, all of which will help you build those speedy recall skills. There are lots of other games and things we'll use too and some people find the Times Fables book really helpful for remembering. This link is useful too 

Maths Frame


4. Spellings: Last - but definitely not least -  there's your weekly Spelling Practice to do every Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs too.


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